I'm a 35 year old Professional Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist based out of Miami, FL.  It is funny that I should end up in the
Makeup Art field.  Growing up I did not have an interest in Makeup at all.  My mom used to wear it all the time and applied it
on me every chance she got.  Lets just say it was an acquired taste and she was the first to spark my interest.  Thanks mom!  
However, I did have an interest in Art itself which is why I studied Graphic Design where learned from professionals in the
Industry how to build a corporate image.  This was just the stepping stone for me to learn how to build a persons inner image.

I first began doing makeup as an MK Beauty consultant when I was 18 years old.  They say that many people join Mary Kay to
earn extra money and come out with so much more.  Well, I found that I was not a very good sales person.  In turn, I found
what is now my greatest passion...Makeup Art; it came natural to the Artist in me. It was still Art, just a different canvas.  
Again, never did I consider myself a Salesperson.  But I tell you, I did love going to those Pampering Parties just so that I could
get my hands on someones face and give them extraordinary versions of themselves as the finishing product.  

After a couple of years with MK I decided to make a career out o f Makeup Art. Since then I began testing or should I say
"playing" with other brands as I like to put it.  I also began reading up on other world renowned Makeup artists and at the
same time building my portfolio. Breaking out of the conventional mold and finding yourself is such a liberating experience.
That process solidified my resolve to become a makeup artist.  I found that through makeup there are no limits.  You can be
whoever or whatever you want to be.  Makeup has the capability of enhancing you not only in the outside but also in the
inside.  It is also a gratifying experience to see someones smile when they see that person that they knew they had just
below the surface all along.  That is my drive!  That is why I do makeup!